Privacy & Liberty

I believe government’s primary purpose is centered in protecting individual liberty, which is the cornerstone of the American Dream.

As Montanans, we are fiercely independent and we prize our freedom.  That’s why we are concerned about the rate at which governments are consolidating power.  Whether it’s the Executive Branch in Washington, D.C. or the State government in Helena, a consolidation of power means a loss of freedom for all of us.

We read about the effects of this power grab everyday in the news.  It is an intrusion into our private lives.  It is a loss of our right to privacy, which is repeatedly violated everyday, through the collection of personal information by the federal government.  This power grab means warrantless wiretaps and searches, routinely conducted by federal agencies, without oversight by the Judicial Branch.  And it also means our religious liberties are slowly being washed away by laws and actions that are diametrically opposed to the founding of our country.

How much further will governments lean on your civil liberties?  The Legislature must construct legal roadblocks between an out-of-control government and “we the people”.  As your representative, I will seek to use our State government’s power to reassert the rights of Montanans.