Natural Resources & the Environment

Freedom to Work, without a meddling government shutting down our mines and mills, and taking away our jobs with unreasonable environmental regulations.

Montana is called the “Treasure State” for a reason: we are truly blessed with an abundance of natural resources.  Whether we are boasting about our farms and ranches, our forests or our rich energy and mineral deposits, few states can match our State’s beauty or her potential.  And that means we have a lot to share with our country and the world.

Despite this, many voices seem to think that we cannot conserve and develop our resources at the same time.  But we can.  In fact, most ranchers have been doing both for generations.  Responsible production and sensible conservation comes naturally to most of us who call Montana home.

But this has made us a target.  Obsolete viewpoints and false premises are used to stop us from exercising our rights to develop our State’s resources and protect our lands as we deem appropriate.  We are forced to suffer the consequences of a stagnant national energy policy and over-zealous regulatory agencies, instead of harnessing our resources and at the same time improving our economy and creating new jobs.

I will work to keep nonsensical regulations out of the way of small businesses while helping our community conserve our “Treasure State” for generations to come.