Freedom to Raise a Family, in a state that encourages good-paying jobs, doesn’t over-tax us, and stands strong for traditional values.

Natural Resources & the Environment

Freedom to Work, without a meddling government shutting down our mines and mills, and taking away our jobs with unreasonable environmental regulations.

Montana is called the “Treasure State” for a reason: we are truly blessed with an abundance of natural resources.  Whether we are boasting about our farms and ranches, our forests or our rich energy and mineral deposits, few states can match our State’s beauty or her potential.  And that means we have a lot to share with our country and the world.

Despite this, many voices seem to think that we cannot conserve and develop our resources at the same time.  But we can.  In fact, most ranchers have been doing both for generations.  Responsible production and sensible conservation comes naturally to most of us who call Montana home.

But this has made us a target.  Obsolete viewpoints and false premises are used to stop us from exercising our rights to develop our State’s resources and protect our lands as we deem appropriate.  We are forced to suffer the consequences of a stagnant national energy policy and over-zealous regulatory agencies, instead of harnessing our resources and at the same time improving our economy and creating new jobs.

I will work to keep nonsensical regulations out of the way of small businesses while helping our community conserve our “Treasure State” for generations to come.

Small Businesses & the Economy

Freedom to Grow Small Businesses, by removing burdensome taxes and too much regulation.

Freedom is worth fighting for. It is about life itself. As your legislator, I have provided leadership to move our state and our community toward Liberty.


Freedom to Keep More of What You Earned, allowing you to take care of your family, in a state that doesn’t over-tax us.

Our Future

Freedom of a Brighter Future, because it’s all about our kids’ future and the Montana we leave them.  The decisions we make today will decide the whole of their future.  The best we can do is to leave them a better Montana, and their chance at the American Dream.

Property & Water Rights

Freedom to Farm and Ranch, with property rights and water rights respected, and with livestock taking precedence over predators.


Privacy & Liberty

I believe government’s primary purpose is centered in protecting individual liberty, which is the cornerstone of the American Dream.

As Montanans, we are fiercely independent and we prize our freedom.  That’s why we are concerned about the rate at which governments are consolidating power.  Whether it’s the Executive Branch in Washington, D.C. or the State government in Helena, a consolidation of power means a loss of freedom for all of us.

We read about the effects of this power grab everyday in the news.  It is an intrusion into our private lives.  It is a loss of our right to privacy, which is repeatedly violated everyday, through the collection of personal information by the federal government.  This power grab means warrantless wiretaps and searches, routinely conducted by federal agencies, without oversight by the Judicial Branch.  And it also means our religious liberties are slowly being washed away by laws and actions that are diametrically opposed to the founding of our country.

How much further will governments lean on your civil liberties?  The Legislature must construct legal roadblocks between an out-of-control government and “we the people”.  As your representative, I will seek to use our State government’s power to reassert the rights of Montanans.

Public Lands

In the Treasure State, our public lands are one of our greatest treasures.

In the 2015 legislative session, I supported a bi-partisan study bill, HJ13, to figure out why we were losing so much access to public lands.

What we learned is that nearly 10,000 miles of roads on public lands have been closed by the USFS in the past ten years, one-third of the roads on public lands.

This is unacceptable. No only are public lands our lands, but many Montanans feed their families through hunting and fishing.

I grew up in a hunting and fishing family so I understand exactly what that means. And the impact of the public lands road closures has on so many Montanans who have lost access to trails and recreation areas.

Montana’s public lands should be open to the public because they belong to all of us.

Second Amendment

Freedom to hunt and fish, with our Second Amendment rights fully secured, and our access to public lands preserved and protected.
Freedom to defend yourself and your family, for all American citizens.  I have a 100% voting record with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA).

Other states may choose to restrict responsible gun ownership, but here in Montana, we have made the common-sense decision to abide by the U.S. Constitution and maintain a healthy respect for “the right of the people to keep and bear arms”.

Sometimes in political debate, others forget that our civil liberties include our right to own firearms.  As your representative in the Legislature, I won’t forget that the Second Amendment is irrefutably part of our character, as Montanans.  And I will protect that right from federal and state interference, meant to limit gun ownership by law-abiding citizens.


Freedom to Learn, in an atmosphere of choice and competition, and where parents, not government bureaus, have local control of their children’s education.

The federal and state governments have built a wall higher and higher between parents, teachers and students.  Today Washington, D.C. and Helena create endless mandates that over-burden our teachers and hamper our students.  The result?  Instead of success, this top-down system has created lower academic achievement for students and a loss of professional freedom for teachers.

I believe that parents, in conjunction with local school districts and teachers, should be returned to the driver’s seat.  Only then can communities help each student to reach his or her potential.